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Our Job of the Week for Landscaping in Fort Myers features yard care, lawn service, outdoor lighting and landscape designs. Our decades of combined experience, dedication to constant improvement and clear communication has allowed us to built a stellar reputation and grow into the premier landscaper of Ft Myers. When you are ready to turn the dreams for your yard into reality, give us a call for all your landscaping in Fort Myers Florida. (239) 464-4714

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Landscapers Fort Myers 8/31/2016

Fort Myers landscaping projects can include Crimson stone with Crotons, Dwarf Bougainvilleas and much more. We have long term relationships with several suppliers to create your dreams to reality for your home, business, condo or commercial property. As Landscapers in Fort Myers FL we the decades of experience to work with you and get you the results that last. Give us a call for your Free Estimate and Free Demo on Landscape Lighting. (239) 464-4714

Fort Myers Landscapers Crotons Landscaper in Fort Myers Bougainvilleas Fort Myers Landscapers

Landscapers Fort Myers 8/15/2016

Fort Myers Landscapers design, installation, lighting and maintenance can work with your existing design elements or can bring in a fresh new start. Our decades of combined experience allows us to grow our reputation while providing superior quality and value in landscape projects. Here are just a few images for this week’s Palm tree installation, Field Grown “Florida Fancy” grade Royal palms, along with Silver Bismarck, and Dwarf Royal. Give us a call for a Free Estimate and Free Demo on Lighting – as your landscapers in Fort Myers FL. (239) 464-4714

Landscapers Fort Myers Palm Trees Fort Myers Landscapers Fort Myers Landscapers

Landscapers Fort Myers 7/30/2016

As Fort Myers Landscapers we can help in design, lighting, installation and maintenance. Our decades of combined experience allow us to be able to use our connections to bring you amazing results. When we got a call to help with the landscaping when this home owner decided it was time for a pool we were ready to help. Working with other local Fort Myers businesses and contractors is another one of our strengths. Clear communication and timing allows for your projects to get done on time. With our ability to design and install we make your landscaping in Fort Myers smooth and painless. Fort Myers Landscapers Florida Fort Myers Landscapers Landscaping in Fort Myers

Fort Myers Landscapers 7/15/2016

Landscapers in Fort Myers have the privilege of working in a great area with creative residents and businesses. With the wide variety of design, lighting, maintenance and installation solutions it’s important to have clear communication in the landscaping process from beginning to end. Results are important and they come to into a finished product only when proper design starts off the process. Whether you are looking for a lawn service, gardener or for large scale installation to change the complete look of a property with options from simple Palms, mulch and exotic hibiscus to the more complex results we are for all your needs in landscaping in Fort Myers FL.

landscapers in Fort Myers FL


Lawn Care in Fort Myers – 6/29/2016

Fort Myers properties need a good lawn care schedule to ensure savings and great results. When periodic landscaping services are neglected the overgrowth increases and weeds take hold and flourish. Installing and reclaiming this area made a real difference in the overall appearance and created time saving techniques. After all the areas were weeded and cleaned up from debris, a 3″ layer of pine straw was installed to keep all the future weeds to a more manageable state. A total of 2000 Bales of Pine Straw were installed along the fence perimeter. If you are ready for real results for your landscaping in Fort Myers give us a call (239) 464-4714

Landscaping in Fort Myers Landscaping in Fort Myers

Landscapers Fort Myers – 6/15/2016

Landscaping in Fort Myers, like this commercial facility was being neglected on the outside of the fenced area. Landscape Pro’s came in and pulled large weeds around the property and sprayed a Herbicide to kill off all the smaller weeds. All the herbicide sprayed was performed by licensed and trained technicians. When a local business or commercial property is not landscaped well it sends a message about the quality of the business and area. We are proud to be a part of the Fort Myers Landscaping community and making things right again. Give us a call for all your design, lighting, installation and lawn care in Ft. Myers Florida. Fort Myers Lawn Care Lawn Care Fort Myers FL

Landscapers Fort Myers – 5/29/2016

Landscaping in Fort Myers is more than just plants, grass and flora. It’s about proper design, planning and bringing your dreams to the final finished project. At many of these properties the irrigation has been unplugged and shut off. The irrigation had been neglected for many years. Landscape Pros came in and replaced multiple timers and set the timers to current watering restrictions. We tracked valves that were not functioning and replaced them. We also protected them with new valve boxes and we also fixed multiples broken pipes, multiple broken rotors, rotating heads and spray misters. We’re ready to help your landscaping dreams come to life, in Fort Myers Florida. (239) 464-4714 Ft Myers Landscapers

Landscapers Fort Myers – 5/15/2016

As Landscapers in Fort Myers we offer our lawn services to Residential, Business and Commercial properties. Our crew came in to these properties and trimmed years of overgrowth that have been neglected. We removed and cut back branches on shrubbery that was overhanging the parking lots and sidewalks which were hazardous for the employee’s and clients. Our decades of combined experience allow us to build the skills and reputation for excellence and quality as Landscapers in Fort Myers FL.

Landscapers Fort Myers FL Landscapers Fort Myers FL

Landscaping in Fort Myers – 4/30/2016

This Landscape project in Fort Myers was to create a tropical paradise while creating backyard privacy. This project included custom stone curbing boarder, Charcoal mesquite landscape rock, and a variety of low and slower growing palms to show privacy around the 6-8ft overall range, also a variety of exotic hibiscus including the Spin the Bottle variety. Give us a call for the premier, affordable landscaping company in Fort Myers Florida. (239) 464-4714Landscaping Fort Myers

Landscape Design in Fort Myers with Decades of Combined Experience

Landscape Design

Landscaping in Fort Myers for a little PrivacyLandscapers Ft Myers

Custom Landscaping Design Ft. Myers Landscapers Design Fort Myers FL Fort Myers Landscapers Landscaping Design, Lighting, Installation and Maintenance with higher quality at affordable prices. We can bring your dreams to life. Give us a call for a beautiful home in Fort Myers Florida. (239) 464-4714

Landscaping in Fort Myers – 3/30/2016

Giant diamond cut Sylvester installation – 40ft of clear trunk plus canopy. These beautiful Sylvesters were installed to provide shade for the pool and house. It also brings a resort like feel without obstructing any views from the first or 2nd floor of the property. This homeowner also chose to enjoy this beautiful specimen at night.

Whether you are looking for Landscape Design, Lighting, Installation or Maintenance in Fort Myers Florida we can help. Our Decades of combined Experience can bring your dreams to life. Fort Myers Landscaping

Landscaping in Fort Myers – 2/29/2016

As Landscapers in Fort Myers we get to enjoy a variety of Design and Lighting requests. This rare specimen 16ft of Clear Trunk Diamond Cut Sylvester really stands out as not being your ordinary Sylvester. This Sylvester was grown with a beautiful Caribbean curve. This was placed right next to the home owner’s outdoor kitchen overlooking their waterways. Give us a call if you would like landscape design, lighting or maintenance in Fort Myers FL.

Landscaping in Fort Myers Landscaping Fort Myers FL

Landscaping in Fort Myers – 1/27/2016

Landscaping Fort Myers

Fort Myers landscaping and lawn care can come with affordable expertise. These beautiful palm trees aren’t your ordinary home improvement store plant material. This silver leaf palm is the Copernicia Alba. The palms were installed to grace the guest of this home with a tropical and Mediterranean feeling. The Copernicia palms have a diamond cut slender trunk and smaller canopy which allows these palms to accent the home without competing with the large existing Royal Palms. Landscape Lighting Ft Myers

Landscape Pros took these Copernicias one step further by adding Low Voltage landscape lights to these palms. The experience and knowledge of the staff at Landscape Pro’s know how to enhance these palms with just the right lighting for all your Fort Myers landscaping needs.


Landscaping in Fort Myers – 1/20/2016

Landscaping Fort Myers

Landscape Pro’s installed a beautiful variety of Sun Patient at the Club house entrances and exits of the Gated Community in Fort Myers. Sun Patients are a hybrid variety that will bosst full of color for full sun area or shaded areas and thrive even in extreme heat. These Sun Patients will be a great addition to your next project whether it’s for a commercial office building entrance, community entrance and club houses, or your personal flower garden at your home. Contact us online or give us a call for all your needs concerning landscaping in Fort Myers.

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