Irrigation Stuck On? How to Shut Off a Valve with a Curb Key

Do you know that an irrigation system that stubbornly refuses to turn off can quickly become a significant issue? It affects not only the health of your garden or lawn, which risks being overwatered but also your monthly water bill, which could skyrocket due to excess usage. Such situations require a swift and practical response to prevent water wastage and potential damage to your landscaping.  Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. Jim from Landscape Pros, a seasoned expert in managing residential irrigation systems, has a handy and efficient method for addressing this problem. He suggests using a simple tool—a curb key—to temporarily halt the water flow until a more permanent fix can be applied.  To help you manage this situation effectively, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide inspired by Jim’s expert advice, which will walk you through shutting off your irrigation system using a curb key. This approach is practical and easy to execute, ensuring you can quickly take control of your irrigation issues.

Step 1: Obtain a Curb Key

First, you’ll need a curb key. This tool is essential for manipulating the water flow and can be purchased at most local convenience stores. It’s a simple tool with a specific purpose, so make sure to ask for a “curb key” or “water shut-off key.”

Step 2: Locate Your Water Source

Your water source is generally found in a valve box. This box is typically located near the street before your home, often concealed slightly underground or covered with a metal or plastic lid. The location can vary slightly depending on whether your water supply is from a municipal source or a reclaimed water service.

Step 3: Find the Shut-Off Valve

Inside the valve box, you will find the shut-off valve. It’s usually a gate valve with a wheel or a flat rectangular handle. You’ll need to turn this valve to cut off the water supply to your irrigation system.

Step 4: Use the Curb Key to Shut Off the Valve

Insert the curb key onto the valve’s handle. The fit should be snug and secure. Once in place, turn the key clockwise until the water flow ceases. This action should stop the water flow and give you relief from the constantly running water.

Step 5: Verify the Water is Off

After turning the valve, check your irrigation system to ensure the water flow stops. This confirmation is essential to avoid any potential damage or further water wastage. Great Job! What’s Next? Jim’s demonstration provides a practical solution for homeowners who need to manage their irrigation systems effectively in a pinch. So, next time you’re faced with a similar issue, just remember this guide and handle the situation like a pro! With these simple steps, you can quickly shut off your irrigation system, saving water and preventing damage to your property until a professional can resolve the issue permanently. Remember, this is a temporary solution. Contact Landscape Pros to repair your irrigation system and address any underlying issues causing the problem. Call us at 239-464-4714 for expert assistance.

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